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20 January 2008

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"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. " --Buddha I am a film producer who creates family friendly content on YouTube for over 10 years! My show has been entirely dedicated to the hobby of Radio Control, and I have showcased 1000's of models during my time on this platform. Viewers of my show "RC ADVENTURES" are treated to meeting my friends, and my family. In fact, dedicated viewers have seen my family be formed, and grow! My wife and Son are apart of my show, as well as so many of my friends! We do all of this from a small ranch in Canada... What an amazing adventure this continues to be for us.. and we thank you ALL for being a part of this journey. YouTube is truly a platform that can change lives.. and we hope our story, our content, and our inspiration can change your life too!

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    Friday (now) 0 4,385 +308 443,747 ~$1
    Wednesday +5 4,385 +347 443,439 ~$1
    Tuesday +4 4,380 +320 443,092 ~$1
    Monday +4 4,376 +290 442,772 ~$1
    Sunday -1 4,372 +303 442,482 ~$1
    Saturday +6 4,373 +328 442,179 ~$1
    Friday +4 4,367 +278 441,851 ~$1
    Totals last week +22 - +2,174 - $1 - $10
    Average per day +3 - +311 - $0 - $0