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In 2015 we decided to sell almost everything we had in search of a simpler life. We traded it all for a life free of Big Box consumerism and the Gerbil wheel we were caught up in. We chose to school our son Cole ourselves taking in adventures every chance we get and we have been loving the life ever since... Come along and see what it's like living a simpler life as a small family aboard a catamaran sailboat. Come with us as we explore new countries, dive into new cultures and try new foods. Live vicariously through our eyes as we meet the challenges of living a life on the sea... If we inspire you, maybe you will inspire us with a little support. A little inspiration goes a long way. Become a Patron -You are helping to keep the videos coming and improve our video quality along the way. Every little bit helps. Making a donation towards our video production through our paypal button on our website. We appreciate every contribution. Thanks and keep on watching.

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