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Welcome to Caters Clips - the exclusive video library of Caters. What we do: Powered by Caters, Clips showcases the company's latest verified User Generated Content (UGC). All clips are available for licensing. We upload fresh, exclusively managed content on a daily basis. Subscribe to see them first! Are you a creator? We represent amazing content on behalf of incredible creators, connecting you with the world's most influential TV shows, websites and social media pages. If you have a video that is going viral, we can help: - Promote your content to drive views and hits - Protect your copyright from duplicate copies - Monetise your video through our bespoke licensing deals with major media corporations Are you a media buyer? We distribute videos to major media organisations daily. All the videos on this channel have been licensed from their rightful owners and are available to license exclusively from Caters. For more information contact licensing(at)

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