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31 January 2014

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WELCOME TO ONE BIG HAPPY! This is where our family shares our tips and tricks for on how we manage our money, DIY our home decor, and organize the lives of two working parents and two kids while still doing all the fun things in life. PERSONAL FINANCE You CAN enjoy life while also planning for your best financial future. In our finance videos, we talk about how to save money, pay down debt, plan for retirement, and build wealth. And we share our actually finances with you as we work towards our own financial goals. HOME DECOR AND DIY - We share all of the DIY and home decor projects we are tackling to help us turn our house into a home that we love. FAMILY LIFESTYLE & VLOGS - Come along on our adventures with us, whether it's a day in the life or family travels around the world!

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    Friday (now) 0 4,385 +308 443,747 ~$1
    Wednesday +5 4,385 +347 443,439 ~$1
    Tuesday +4 4,380 +320 443,092 ~$1
    Monday +4 4,376 +290 442,772 ~$1
    Sunday -1 4,372 +303 442,482 ~$1
    Saturday +6 4,373 +328 442,179 ~$1
    Friday +4 4,367 +278 441,851 ~$1
    Totals last week +22 - +2,174 - $1 - $10
    Average per day +3 - +311 - $0 - $0