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14 April 2008

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Hi ! .. I am Ishnum Munshi ! ..Welcome to my channel. My channel is a bit of a mixture but mostly : Travel : things to see and do, tips and advice for travellers, I throw in a few facts. I also do interviews with interesting people I meet. REMEMBER: it's the real world. Real people and unscripted things that happen. I don't make it happen. I just record it. If it upsets you go to Disney Channel or something with fluffy animals. I make a GUARANTEE of NO ADVERTS for the first week so my subscribers get to see my videos in advertising free bliss. Oh by the way I'm not 18-35. I'm OLD OK. Get over it. If you want a teenager's face talking nonstop into the camera find another channel. You will also find: Time travel - Dr Who? I've been filming since 1988 so expect a lot of old videos from the Munshi vaults if I can clear away the cobwebs. I'd love to hear your comments and try to reply to as many as I can. Hope you like something here :)

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