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21 April 2012

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Welcome to our channel! We are a family of 4 dedicated to entertaining and inspiring audiences of all ages with fun and creativity! On each episode we show the joys of being a family and the wonders of POSITIVITY! We hope our viewers take away something positive from every episode, whether it's wanting to try a new art project, baking a cake, or simply just appreciating life. We started making videos 5 years ago on our main channel, EvanTubeHD: with fun skits, creative crafts, unique toy reviews, and crazy challenges! We try to maintain a high level of production value while always focusing on being KID FRIENDLY! On this channel we make videos from our day to day lives with the goal of bringing smiles to the faces of all our viewers. Here's just a sample of what you might find: FAMILY VLOG PROJECTS FIELD TRIPS FAMILY GAME NIGHT CHALLENGES BEHIND THE SCENES FOOTAGE Doggie Fun with Chloe the Godlendoodle!

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