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15 April 2016

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BITAG YouTube TV is maintained by BITAG MEDIA UNLIMITED INC. (BMUI). All videos uploaded are copyrighted. The following are: BITAG Live, BITAG New Generation, BITAG-Kilos Pronto, BITAG-Crime Desk, BITAG-US Cops, Ben Tulfo UNFILTERED and other videos produced by BITAG Multimedia Network (BMN). BITAG is a brand on Philippine television. A multi-awarded investigative, public service program on Philippine TV since 2002. The CEO of BMUI is Ben Tulfo. A Manila based investigative journalist. BMUI employs more than 60 millennial staff, graduates of journalism and multimedia communication. 'BITAG Live' caters to different demographics, targeting Filipinos worldwide (US, Canada, Australia, Korea, Europe, Middle East, as well as Filipinos in ASEAN countries). This YouTube TV is a unique platform for Filipinos worldwide, ages 22-52 who are more concerned on Philippine current issues, politics, economy and other public affairs programs exclusively produced by BMN.

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