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22 May 2013

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The FIRST inventor of GIANT SURPRISE EGGS! The only brand trusted by families since 2013. We share learning, fun, and popular adventures by kids for kids! Subscribe, new uploads everyday! Q. Who made the FIRST BIGGEST Surprise Egg? A. WE DID! It was our kids idea first published on 12-9-2013. Q. What do you do with the toys? A. We donate lots of toys featured, and give them as gifts to HobbyFriends in our local community. We love to share the fun! Q. Is your channel kid-friendly? A. YES! We take pride in keeping a clean unique channel for families of all ages. As parents we know the importance of having a safe place for viewing. Importantly, we speak native English which helps guide children's communication and reading skills. Q. Do you play Video Games? A. YES! Visit our channels: HobbyFamilyGaming, HobbyPigTV, HobbyFrogTV, HobbyBearTV Q. Do you have extra shows? A. YES! Visit: HobbyFamilyTV Q. Do you know a channel for learning? A. YES! Visit: Koalafied Fun

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    Friday (now) 0 4,385 +308 443,747 ~$1
    Wednesday +5 4,385 +347 443,439 ~$1
    Tuesday +4 4,380 +320 443,092 ~$1
    Monday +4 4,376 +290 442,772 ~$1
    Sunday -1 4,372 +303 442,482 ~$1
    Saturday +6 4,373 +328 442,179 ~$1
    Friday +4 4,367 +278 441,851 ~$1
    Totals last week +22 - +2,174 - $1 - $10
    Average per day +3 - +311 - $0 - $0